Monday, November 06, 2006

Some Heart Hugging for all!

Several years ago I made a stuffed heart for a decoration. Recently I used it as a sleeping arm support close to my tummy. Loving it, I was inspired to begin this new project "The Huggable Heart". There are two sizes; the Large is $45 Cdn, and the Small is $35 Cdn. So if you are looking to for a unique gift contact us at Gwendolyne Hats. A portion of the pillow sales are going to Regent Park School of Music, helping inner city youth to follow their dreams.

Many of my customers who shop just before the holiday season, want to leave our store with something special for someone else. Hat sizing can make Hat gift giving very tricky. I think that people get the best hat from us when we are able to connect with them personally, whether it is over the internet, or here in our shop/atelier that is located in Toronto's fashion district. Our fifteen years of knowledge comes in handy. We take pride to make our customers happy.
Thursday Nov 23rd till Sunday Dec 3rd we will be displaying our creations in Canada's largest artisan show called the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. We will be in Booth I - 45.
I will try to take some great photos to share with you later!

Recently I was inspired by a video on Youtube. This site is powerful it can bring people together, sharing ideas and beginning movements. If you have not seen this “free hugs” video here it is. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Juan Mann from Australia, the creator, is now taking his project further and now building a campaign of where people can find and help each other. Like a stone dropped in the water, the ripples spread out.

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Janer said...

This is a great project Gwendolyne!
I love the heart idea - can we see a picture of the actual pillow - both sizes? Thanks for your commitment to being a positive force.

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