Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Museum of Textiles

Every year our Textile Museum here in Toronto invites artists to submit a piece of original art for their annual fundraising Shadowbox event. In the last several years making a fiber art work for the show has been refreshing break from my hat making on going creative pursuit. This year the piece P'tah was expressing my belief that the world needs to connect with love for all living matter on this planet. It is made from melton wool, glass beads, wool felt and cotton thread.

At this time in the earths’ history is it more evident that our actions during our lifetimes leave an positive imprint. Our priorities need to be encompassing the whole world and not just ourselves. It is what we support that governs what will flourish and what will disappear. Our lives only have the meaning that we give it. I see another beautiful day outside today.

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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.