Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Sensations

This year we decided to do something different. We signed up for The Spring One of a Kind Show in Toronto. What a great idea! Now we have a marvelous new collection to share with you. The show opens Wed Mar 31st. I highly recommend you visit us in Booth K-47. Here's a look and a big smile ahead for our latest Spring Sensations!

As you can imagine our downtown Atelier has been a Hotbed of activity. As creative entrepreneurs we thrive on these opportunities. That's when we use all our knowledge and artistic abilities to inspire the world. It's hard work but there are great rewards. We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I believe it shows.

Gwendolyne has been dreaming of a Tea Cozy design for many years. In January she brought that dream to life in a limited edition of 12. This beautiful Cozy above is entered in the One of a Kind Green competition sponsored by Lipton Tea. By recycling fine tapestry swatches from Toronto's Designer's Walk, Gwendolyne's brought fiber art to the kitchen table. Place your vote in the Peoples Choice award.

People enter our lives for a reason. Some leave with our beautiful creations, others bring us inspiration. This year Victor; above, brought the opportunity for Gwendolyne to create with the finest cotton fabrics from the Netherlands. Thick rich Corduroy, luxurious full velvets in a palette of colour fit for your Spring.

Sometimes simple designs can be the most challenging. Combining silk and velvet is like mixing oil with water. But together they look and feel so good. Gwendolyne knew this and it was the driving force behind her luxurious Velvet Delight wrap. In the end the many naps and fabric tensions became one. Definitely worth trying on.

When the Summer heat arrives the bamboo linen in this year's Carnaby will be a great insulator. This full shaped cap is accented with Antique hand turned vegetable ivory buttons from Gwendolyne's prized collection. She has constructed every peak with a tenacious drive for perfection in a full palette of rich colour.

We're taking more photos these days of people who show us how great they look in our designs. Here are some recent favorites. These pictures celebrate people who share our philosophy of life in the world. What we wear can say a lot about what we believe in. Cheers to all those who feel the same way!

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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.