Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Year of the Rat

It was refreshing start this January. An open heart and positive thinking. We wanted to revitalize our approach in our atelier and we have done so with a full force creating together some new and wonderful accessories below the head.

Back in December a customer of mine made a request. He wanted to surprise his wife with a gift she so desired. Five years earlier I had created a small shoulder purse sample and eventually gave it to a friend. There was still work for me to do on the design, so onto back burner it went.
Sinter Claus (the Dutch equivalent to our Christmas) is a magical time as my design house began 1991 because of it's tradition of the making of a gift for one person. His wife's desire and the timing, pushed me on to complete the purse design and bring it to life. I named the design "The Zoe" which translates from the Greek to "life" in English.

Continuing the topic of life, the Lunar New Year calender begins tomorrow. William and I took advantage of last week's snow abundance that fell onto our city of Toronto and made this Snow Rat to celebrate the "Year of the Rat". Made in less than 2 hours we dressed our icy friend with a Gwendolyne Hat (The Enoch and The Boucle Scarf). Dashing don't you think? We are fortunate to have two new years to celebrate. One to get us on track, and the second to confirm our new direction. I would conclude that yes, we are definitely enjoying the fruits of our labor and thrilled to see our results.
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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.