Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Turn up the Heat

Our radiant Shop awaits... It's brimming with beautiful things. We bring artistry, fresh design and fine materials to practical accessories. So you can look your best and feel it too. Once you've experienced a Gwendolyne design you understand. Our kind of quality creates a lasting impression.

We'd love to show you our latest. There's something for everyone at Gwendolyne Hats. We've introduced exciting new designs & a range of affordable prices to please. Make it an outing, bring friends and enjoy.

Gwendolyne makes magic in the heart of her Atelier.
Sometimes her surroundings are as exciting as the finished piece.
Beautiful materials inspire great things, details create character.

We create modern classics you enjoy everyday.
All the world's a stage. You can play the
Romantic in our new Corona.

Cordy cap & Boucle scarf with an autumn fringe.
Never underestimate the benefits of a great hat and scarf. A warm smile & cozy disposition can change your day. We took this picture out on the street. I wanted to capture Toronto's vibrant urban culture.

Many coloured scarves & a Mikado shoulder bag in blue.

The cavalcade of colour outside our windows has been absolutely stunning. It's just so beautiful I had to get some pictures. To see my slideshow click here.You'll get the first peak at our new Amelia design, as in Earhart the aviator. Yes a new Gwendolyne hat with earflaps has arrived.

Avoid the crowds. Shop with us before we go to the One of a Kind Show.
Our cozy Shop is where you'll get the most selection & personal service.

We look forward to your arrival!
Our last shopping day before the show is Friday November the 20th.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Harvest Moon

Abbey Road & Boucle scarf with wool fringe
The midnight oil has been burning bright in our beautiful downtown Atelier.
Life is rich and full as we prepare for the season ahead. This year's harvest
is sweet and our tasty new treats are ripe for the picking. Here's some
imagery to celebrate the colours of Autumn.

The Abbey Road our classic peaked cap.
It was a sunny Sunday afternoon...together we created this still life with some of the tools of our trade. We wanted to illustrate how our work brings old world craft to life with a modern sensibility and style.

The Bean our funky wool toque.
People inspire our designs. This year three talented women brought our artistry
to life on camera
. We got some great pictures and had a lot of fun!
Click here to see more of our photo shoot with Dana in Toronto's Kensington Market.

If you love Gwendolyne Hats . . .
Watch for frequent updates to our blog. We have so many exciting things to show you. You can subscribe to our posts below. Feedback is appreciated, inspire us with a comment.

Visit our downtown Atelier where culture art and fashion meet.
Discover a magical Shop that welcomes the creative spirit and
celebrates individuality.

Spread the word!

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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.