Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Investing in our future

For the first time in many years our cold winter weather didn’t began as per the usual in December. It was not until the first week of January that we realized how unusual it was.

Our conversations about the weather now became focused discussions about climate change, polar ice caps, flooding, and extreme weather. The images and stories we began seeing and hearing, made us think more about our present world.

Twenty years ago they knew how important it was to create renewable energy. I enjoyed many courses about our environment. The Energy course was one of the most informative. Fossil fuel research, forecasted a twenty year consummation to exhaust all the known and undiscovered deposits. So if their predictions were correct, that would mean our fossil fuel clock has run out. Right now, more than ever, as individuals we hold the key to change. When we live with a sensibility for our world and its' inhabits, we can reshape the existing destructive path into a healthy one.

The money that leaves my hands has the power to support my neighbors, support my city, support my country, and the most importantly support my values.

My friend Jane recently said to me, "spending money is the same as voting". We get to decide how each dollar is spent.That in turn, supports something to exist. I am voting for a world that will inspire us to live in harmony and respect mother nature.

My partner and I live in the core of our Toronto city. Where ever we walk, there is so much vitality. We do all of our shopping at small local stores. The opportunity of selection, community, and freshness makes Kensingston Market a special place for so many. If you ever visit this part of the world I encourage you to visit our shop and then walk north along Spadina into our Chinatown. Continue walking another block north to St. Andrews, where the Cat on a chair sculpture by Shirley Yanover and David Hlynsky signals the middle of the market. Walking west you will experience the many flavors that the market has for you to discover.
As you can see by this photo, you have to look up 5 feet to see this charming artwork.

Here along Baldwin St. we met a girl celebrating that first snowball of Winter. I don't know where she found that much snow to make a ball as large as that. I do know that ambition has a way of making things happen. Even though she looks a little shy in this photo, she was pleased that I saw her creation and allowed me to take this shot.

This January our shop had the buzz of customers. We met so many wonderful spirited people. In the studio, I had a very focused creative period. The new Snowflake design collection, was challenging and exciting at the same time. Here's a moment catching a some of them in their building process.

They are finished now and in our shop next door. I am glad we took this picture, for process is a beautiful thing.

We are all experiencing one form of process everyday we live. Right now we are celebrating Winter and our lives.

Here's a beautiful moment looking out of our building, as the sun is going down I captured it's reflection onto a tall downtown building. I often snap photos of this vantage point. This building was built in 1890. It holds great inspiration for us. Every day I am grateful for my bounty. I enjoy sharing it with you one day at a time!
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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.