Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cozy Up!

LOVE.  It's the theme at this year's One of a Kind show. At Gwendolyne Hats it's an essential part of everything we do. Gwendolyne made these beautiful heart pins to celebrate that positive energy. We love investing our artistry with spirit and bringing lasting beauty to life.

The Harvest Moon
Do you believe in magic? Gwendolyne does and she's certainly outdone herself with this marvelous new edition of hand-embroidered hats. Each one is a walking work of fiber Art. Match it with one of our hand fringed boucle knit scarves and wow! You're an original.

Beautiful materials inspire great things and artistic details add character. It sure was a delight to watch this design in progress.  Sourcing from her prized vintage button collection Gwendolyne accented each hat with a statement button. This signature edition will definitely bring some new life to Toronto streets this year.

The Amelia
Sporty and spirited. The beauty of this simple sophisticated cut is found in it's clean tailored lines. It's practical earflaps let you soar through the season while the cashmere blend wool insures a warm  smile.

The Cordy
Our peaks are so popular that men are embracing our sense of style too. This design is created from a rich textured Dutch cotton corduroy. Soft, warm and breathable, cotton offers an excellent natural alternative to those with wool sensitivities.

The Abbey Road
Many people say to us that Gwendolyne Hats stand out on the street. I would like to add that our clients are the nicest people. One can always tell by the smiles on their faces.

Gwendolyne Hats is very excited to be part of...
The Christmas One of a Kind Show in Toronto.
Be sure to visit us in Booth G 33

Our Boutique closes for the show on Saturday November 13th.
Re-opening Thursday December the 9th

Gwendolyne's Boutique is open for business until Friday December 24th.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Good Vibrations!

It's Summer in the city and we are HOT. Our stylish Atelier is right in the heart of the Fashion District. Gwendolyne designs are hand cut and individually made in downtown Toronto. This local landmark marks the spot. The greenery of our building; 401 Richmond St. West, is above the red streetcar in the photo to the right.

Gwendolyne's Boutique is more than beautiful Hats. It's a colourful shop for Summer.  We design, create and sell magical things. Come see for yourself, you'll love it. Our unique accessories for the body and your home radiate with spirit.

Today Suzen Sam is celebrating her brand new Abbey Road. Suzen is the Girl on the go for Google Adwords. She's a buzz of positive energy and loves bees. Gwendolyne sewed a bee on her bonnet and off she went to conquer the world.

Wow! Have a look! This month we've got a full page in Toronto's number one Japanese magazine. I just love the Japanese characters in the copy. The shoot was fun, it taught me a few things about product photography. A special thank you goes out to everyone at bits magazine.

Men love Gwendolyne Hats too! In a world of sameness, men are joining the hunt for personal marks of distinction. Jeff wanted his custom-made hat to feature a maple leaf button cut from the original copper roof that covered our Parliament Buildings. Thoughts like that can shape our destiny. Cast your vote everyday for a better world.

We create beautiful things of value that reflect personality and enhance people's lives. We're proud of what we do and that feels good. What more could you ask for!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh is in!

We're back in the Shop after a wonderful One of a Kind Spring show in T.O. We had a fabulous time. Here's a slideshow with some our favorite moments along the way.

The show was so invigorating it inspired us to do a Spring clean. With a fresh coat of paint and some redecorating we gave our boutique a refreshing new look for the season ahead.

We were pleased and you will be too. Our designer hats and accessories come in all the colours of the rainbow. This season liven up your wardrobe and lift your spirits with some magic.  

Gwendolyne Hats boutique sits on top of a artistic hub in the heart of Toronto. Our Atelier looks out on an award winning roof garden that's bursting with life. Yes our work is beautiful; the landscape we create in makes it even better.

We invite you to visit our building and us during this exciting citywide event.
  • 401 Richmond St, West. Studio 433 ~ just east of Spadina
If you love Design, Culture and the Arts this is where it's at!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Sensations

This year we decided to do something different. We signed up for The Spring One of a Kind Show in Toronto. What a great idea! Now we have a marvelous new collection to share with you. The show opens Wed Mar 31st. I highly recommend you visit us in Booth K-47. Here's a look and a big smile ahead for our latest Spring Sensations!

As you can imagine our downtown Atelier has been a Hotbed of activity. As creative entrepreneurs we thrive on these opportunities. That's when we use all our knowledge and artistic abilities to inspire the world. It's hard work but there are great rewards. We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and I believe it shows.

Gwendolyne has been dreaming of a Tea Cozy design for many years. In January she brought that dream to life in a limited edition of 12. This beautiful Cozy above is entered in the One of a Kind Green competition sponsored by Lipton Tea. By recycling fine tapestry swatches from Toronto's Designer's Walk, Gwendolyne's brought fiber art to the kitchen table. Place your vote in the Peoples Choice award.

People enter our lives for a reason. Some leave with our beautiful creations, others bring us inspiration. This year Victor; above, brought the opportunity for Gwendolyne to create with the finest cotton fabrics from the Netherlands. Thick rich Corduroy, luxurious full velvets in a palette of colour fit for your Spring.

Sometimes simple designs can be the most challenging. Combining silk and velvet is like mixing oil with water. But together they look and feel so good. Gwendolyne knew this and it was the driving force behind her luxurious Velvet Delight wrap. In the end the many naps and fabric tensions became one. Definitely worth trying on.

When the Summer heat arrives the bamboo linen in this year's Carnaby will be a great insulator. This full shaped cap is accented with Antique hand turned vegetable ivory buttons from Gwendolyne's prized collection. She has constructed every peak with a tenacious drive for perfection in a full palette of rich colour.

We're taking more photos these days of people who show us how great they look in our designs. Here are some recent favorites. These pictures celebrate people who share our philosophy of life in the world. What we wear can say a lot about what we believe in. Cheers to all those who feel the same way!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a brand New Year at Gwendolyne Hats and life is good. After all the fun, festivities and family gatherings we got some rest. Now completely renewed, we're beginning our year with great creativity and invention. We're thankful for the day and excited by what the future has to offer.

People loved our new Winter Collection at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto. Our booth was the best ever. We had fun and a wonderful time was had by all. This year the annual competition had a teapot theme. Gwendolyne was thrilled making her beautiful pincushion teapot & Wow! She won 3rd prize. It was such an honour to receive recognition amongst so many fabulous creations by other artists. Our cup runneth over!

You too could have fun creating your own pincushion curio. Sign up for a Spring course at Atelier Gwendolyne. It's a great idea for a gift or a special treat for yourself. Please contact us to enroll.

This charming & informative interview was shot in our booth during the show. Gwendolyne speaks very eloquently about her work & what she believes in. Have a look. It's good to the last shot.

What the world needs now is love sweet love...

That's the only thing that there's just to little of... So this New Year's Eve under the light of the blue moon, that's exactly what we wished for everyone. Love is the great connector that brings meaning to our lives. The more you give the more you get. The more you get the better you feel.

When you love life it loves you back.
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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.