Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Buds!

Happy Spring from Gwendolyne Hats. Come on up and share the enthusiasm. We celebrate your spirit with magical things you love and enjoy everyday. Great friends inspire us and make our world go round. Thank you for bringing our art to life.

In Toronto Spring is budding at Gwendolyne Hats Boutique. Our designs are fresh and the colours sing. We're right on Top of the award winning Creative arts building at 401 Richmond St. West. If you love Art, Music, Dance & Design ... This is where it's Hat!

Here our best buds dance the latest sensation; the Spring Tease. "Red light, green light, stop and go. First comes spring and then there's snow." Soon this courtyard and the amazing Roof Garden will burst with Green. All this and more happens everyday, in and around our Atelier.

This Topper transports you with great style and grace. Here in the creative center of our city we frequently receive guests from around the globe. Now this hat full of positive energy is going to Japan. May it help bring renewal to that great nation.

Hold on to your Hats
Gwendolyne has a fabulous new line of whimsy Fascinators. These Earthly Delights are in our Boutique right now for the celebrations ahead. Wonders from our sunny Atelier never cease to amaze. And they're all made right here in Canada.


full of beans said...

I just love the colours for the spring. You guys are a-head of them all in my books!!!!

Meena and Meesha said...

This is my first visit, and I'm blown away. What beautiful, creative artistic work in all your products. I will be in Toronto soon and your shop will be on my list to visit.
From Becky in North Bay,ON

Ellen Gould Ventura said...

Les and Will, Such beautiful chapeaux this year, as trip to T.O., I've got to pass by to visit the centre of the Plethora of divine treasures. We should have your "obras maestras" in Spain. People would go loco for your hats here...

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