Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring Fever

Our last snow storm shut our city down. It was the final blast to give our gardens a root quenching supply of water for natures' new growing season.

Earlier this week I could feel the sensation of the renewal under my feet. My Parsley was turning green in our garden. The longer hours of sunlight was helping to wake all life forms. Everywhere outside you looked, there was a lift of energy and spirit.
March break began on Friday and the weather was kind. By Sunday there were so many people out and about all one could do was get excited. Walking by our City Hall I checked out the rink. The number of people were less then usual. This winter William and I have had a lot of fun skating. We try to go out at least twice a week. I think I have captured one of the last shots of decent skating ice for the season. Here is a slide show of one of our lasts.

It was also the day we turned back the clock. This photo here is our old City Hall. I just love how the setting sun creates such glowing golds onto the buildings surfaces.

In the shop during Saturday some of our Spring and Summer was unveiled. It was so uplifting to see the new fabrics. Very soon we will all need to protect ourselves from the sun and the heat. Till then Spring is just fine for me. Time to pull out my light weight clothes from storage.

Later in the evening I went out with a girlfriend to the Canada Blooms show here in Toronto. This was a first for me. We arrived when the day crowds had just left. So we could experience the show on our own terms. I also was very impressed with the environmental garden displays. To create these dioramas is a challenging task. The one that was the most exciting included a garden shed, a pond, and a cozy "S" curved walled retreat. I could visualize themself one day with something like that in our garden. I would make it my morning retreat. The website does not really represent the talent that you will see when you go. All 5 senses need to be involved, so if you are in Toronto I highly recommend going. Especially if you love to garden. I didn't bring my camera sorry no photos of the evening.

I have just finished a new fab design called "The Abbey Road". It is going to be a great cap for the wearing during moderate temperatures. My customers will be getting a sneak preview first by personal email. I will post a picture of it next time I web log on.

In closing, I wish you a happy Spring cleaning. I find it brings a lot of fresh new energy into my life. A yard sale seems to be shaping up with all the items I am sorting through. What fun! I think I will be contacting my girlfriends and do one together.

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"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
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