Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Spring in ancient times was celebrated by the gods of fertility who rose up from the under world with the keys to life.

Living here in Toronto just north of the 49th parallel, our eagerness for the warm weather is heightened by a longer wait. It’s always such a magical time of year. Nature’s a powerful force that never ceases to amaze. I often remind people that our Canadian Maple Syrup is the result of our unique temperatures. That's why it tastes so sweet.

Spring is the eternal optimist. She can lift your spirits; bring a skip to your step and a flutter to your heart. The desire to open ourselves to the new life ahead is everywhere we go.

Here in our Atelier Gwendolyne has been busy birthing many new designs for the shop. With a fresh palette of colors, her reversible Hairbands will be delighting many faces this summer. Made in all sizes, from cotton prints, these colorful bands will brighten and cool any hot summer day.

This year we’ve added to our scarf collection. Loving silks and color, Gwendolyne has collaborated on this limited edition of exquisite shawls with an artist in Australia. Hand dyed with the themes of water, earth and fire the touch and finished edges of the silks are divine. They are perfect for the many outdoor celebrations planned in the months ahead.

Gwendolyne's button collection has inspired a new line of chokers. Made from Japanese ribbons and braids the adjustable sizing allows great comfort. Here is one decorated with antique vegetable ivory turned buttons. The subtle details of these buttons are set off brilliantly from the background. New to the shop they are selling fast. You can ask about one to be made for you as Gwendolyne is also taking custom orders.

Recently a customer dropped by and shared her daughters’ love for buttons. I think many of us have this fascination. Especially if your grandmother had jars full of them. Today there are few button producers in the world that create the beautiful styles that were made in the past. The Czech Republic still produces molded glass buttons. It’s nice to see this art and craft tradition continue. It is important to celebrate the good things in our world. After all you reap what you sow. Money is a vehicle that defines our worth and values. How we circulate it is the determining factor of what we want our world to be. More then ever before we must understand what we are buying and look closely at the energy invested in it. We decide what will be created today and cherished in the future.

In Gwendolyne's latest line of Button Love bracelets she has brought her cherished glass buttons from the 20's to 50's era to life on the wrist. The colors are vibrant and the base beads simple to set off the detail and color of each button. Many people love the magnetic clasp as it allows for easy closure when putting them on. We have sizes for everyone, come see them soon. I know you'll love them.

Last year many new bag designs were created and produced in our studio. Gwendolyne is always determined to bring function and beauty together. She is truly enjoying bag design, as it is both technically challenging and a perfect canvas to display her love of detail and artistry.

This year she has continued her search for the perfect carry all. The Raven wristlet is designed to carry the essentials. It can be worn on the wrist or on the shoulder. I think it's all the rage these days as it allows women to carry their core goodies. Some tell me they carry it in their bigger bags during the day and later when they go out at night all they carry is their wristlet. It would certainly make it very easy to dance the night away.

As always we have many beautiful hat designs for the season ahead. Come down to our shop and try one on or watch for the next blog.

Several weeks ago we both had a wonderful bike ride down by the lake to Humber Bay Park. With the wind at our back the going was easy. On this bright Spring day many people were out walking, riding, and roller blading. Everywhere we went the birds were also enjoying the weather. The freshness in the air and the excitement that winter was over was all around us. We saw a lot of mating rituals that day. In fact these two majestic swans did their dance right before our eyes. Afterwards they leaned in for a kiss and their graceful necks formed the shape of a heart. It was a beautiful moment and a reminder that Spring is a time for new beginnings and a lot of love.
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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.