Friday, July 13, 2007

Colour your world

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Summer is in full bloom, school's out and the kids are frolicking. We have already experienced some wonderful moments ourselves. I do love how our city of Toronto is such a magnet for great musical talent in the summer. The best part of it?... the fun's all outside. William and I have been enjoying the Harbourfront concert stage, where free music events hit center stage every weekend. Our taste in music is adventurous, so we appreciate the many different styles and cultures on the program. We've enjoyed many a moonlit serenade while dancing under the stars. It's a lot cooler down by the lake.

Our most exciting concert to date featured a 10 piece Afro Soul group from New York called the Budos Band. Tremendous live energy and a great new CD too.

On another day we came across a colorful display of the multi- cultured creativity our city offers. It's so great that Toronto celebrates its diversity. In the end we learn more about each other and that's why we live together peacefully. What a beautiful day!

My son Aaron and his wife Catalina have been living in Japan this past year. This photo illustrates the true beauty of the Japanese cherry blossom.

It's so nice to see a Gwendolyne Hat underneath these magnificent blooms and on the head of my wonderful daughter- in- law.

It was a honour for me to be one of the judges at this year's Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition held in the Nathans Philips Square. I was very lucky to meet some very creative artists and I enjoyed this opportunity to talk with them about their art. In the end I got to choose who I thought to be the "Best" and the "Honourable Mention" in the Fiber Media category. Fourteen years ago I was the recipient for Best in Fiber, so for me this was a full circle. I got to pass the torch on to someone else. It is great to see how many new artists have embraced this tradition. For centuries it was a cherished creative outlet amongst women. I’m so happy to watch this passion continue to grow.

It may be hot outside but in the studio we are busy preparing for the cold. It takes 8 long diligent months to create my new winter collection. We had a lot of fun this past month building the 2007 edition of my Boucle Scarves.

Here I am working with my talented assistant Jessica. Each scarve's fringe is created from international designer yarns. Like an artist's palette the yarns are stored different colour containers to make the colour selection more accessible.

The yarns are then cut and hand laid one by one at each end and then sewn in later. Like a painting each fringe is a unique combination of colour and texture. As a child it was always the fringe that made me enjoy my winter scarfs. So I produce these not only to provide terrific winter warmth but also to offer my clients that splash of color to inspire their winter days.

I realized this weekend that our intentions create the wonderful world we get to experience. All you have to do is open your mind and life will unfold. By making a simple plan, to get outside on our bikes, with a picnic in our baskets, we laid a path to the most magical day.

The surprises that await you are always just around the corner. It is all about timing and whether we are ready to recognize the gift! You're only as lucky as you want to be. So lift your wings and soar like a bird, then sing out loud and spread that joy forward.
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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.