Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Law of Attraction

As we all know the last two months of any year are booked solid with many activities. It is during this time of year that my business Gwendolyne Hats is also very busy. It is for that reason it has taken me eight weeks to do a posting on this blog.

The last week of any year can be very reflective. I think back and look at how my intentions of the year unfolded. As you can see by this recent photo, the smile on our faces are symbolic of how 2006 was for us. My Chinese animal sign is the dog sign, and for this "dog", it was a terrific year. I am very grateful.

In November we participated in Toronto’s One of a Kind Show. It was so exciting to share our new designs with our customers and to find the perfect fit and colouring for them to look their best.
My partner William and I wanted a fun and successful show. We got just that. The energy of the show and the people we met was very inspiring. To see more of our adventures click here.

During this show many people are shopping for Christmas presents. As a personal gift, finding the right hat for someone is a lot of fun. I took so many photos. In this photo below my friends and I celebrate the spirit of the season.

After the show we still had to keep our socks up, for we were also participating in our building's Holiday Marketplace. The weather was terrific for getting out and we had some lovely visitors dropping by the shop and spending some quality time with us.

Then it was time to begin my own Christmas preparations. This year I decided to make some bright yellow linen Santa sacks. It was both a nice presentation and a method for transporting the goodies to each family household. My golden sacks of love were filled with small items I had selected for people throughout the year. I enjoyed the presentation as much as finding the gifts. For one full week, the wrapping was both a focus and highlight in my life.

I wanted a happy connective Christmas holiday. I got five wonderful days visiting family relatives. Abundance and love surrounded me. I understand now, that our thoughts and intentions create the possibilities in our life. In short make sure you know what you want and keep that focus. Believe in it so it will happen.

I want the 2007 New Year ahead, to be powerful and healthy for me personally. Many beautiful hats will be made, and many wonderful people will come looking to own them. New hat designs will be explored, and new hat designs will be made. Creativity and a happy healthy life will balance my year. I will think no barriers, or carry any fears to inhibit these thoughts from manifesting. I will make every day count, and make it the best day ever.

These are my thoughts to end 2006. They will open my New Year ahead!
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Quote for the day

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
English art critic.